• Post-feminism and Post-truth in Reggaeton Video Clips on Youtube

      Alcántara-Segura, Dámaris Beatriz; Espinoza-Robles, Lorena Teresa (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2022-01-01)
      In the music industry, reggaeton is an urban genre most played on digital platforms such as YouTube. From its beginnings a musical genre that transmitted denigrating messages of women image. Today, these messages have changed due to the incursion of female artists who adopt values ​​associated with the masculine to reinforce an image of empowerment. These artists promote post-feminist messages from the narrative of their songs and music videos, legitimizing representations based on the narrative they propose from fiction. This article analyzes the representation of women in six Karol G reggaeton video clips broadcast on YouTube through a case study with a narrative and gender approach. A content analysis guide was applied to 320 video captures and an interview guide to the art director in charge of Pineapple and Mi cama video clips. The main finding of the research was to show that the narrative and the staging build a post-truth of female empowerment from fiction to show us a convincing story. However, this post-truth legitimizes characters such as the sexual entrepreneur by appealing to the same feminine objectification of the beginnings of the urban genre. Therefore, this study contributes to the existing literature of pervasive communication on social media and post-truth in audiovisual fiction.
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