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  • Personal branding in Peru and its relationship with mass psychology: The case of paolo guerrero

    Barreda, S.; Mezarina, M. (Associacao Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao, 2021-01)
    A mass is made up of individuals oriented towards a fixed direction, who can consciously lose their personality and direct their feelings and thoughts towards a defined direction. This was evidenced in the 2018 World Cup in Russia when the Peruvian soccer team managed to qualify thanks to the captain of the team, Paolo Guerrero, who generated a great commercial movement due to this feat so longed for by Peruvians. The purpose of this research is to diagnose and deepen the knowledge about the case of Paolo Guerrero and the mass psychology that it generated at a commercial level as a result of the classification. It will review how personal brands connect with people through their actions and media influence provided by the media. A qualitative exploratory study methodology was proposed through in-depth interviews with specialists and two focus groups made up of university students, followers of Peruvian soccer.
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  • Understanding a Lovemark Brand Through the Sponsorship of the Peru National Football Team

    Cruz-Donayre, Xiomara; Gallardo-Echenique, Eliana (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2021-01-01)
    Brands are eager to gain their consumers love and respect by connecting with them in a more efficient manner in order to become a Lovemark. This happens very frequently in the football “world” as it is the sport with the biggest audience in the planet. This study analyzes the Lovemark Axis inside the sponsorship strategies directed toward the female audience. Semi-structured interviews were conducted, with the aim of analyze the perception of the consumers exposed to the ads of the sponsor brands of the Peru national football team. Results evidenced that the love and respect elements for the sponsored brand contribute to the association of values and feelings of the sponsoring brand. These results support that although the construction of a Lovemark requires a great period of time, the use of sports sponsorship helps to generate greater visibility and association of the brand with the sport.
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