• Leadership and empowerment in businesswoman in Peru

      Tamara Tatiana, Pando Ezcurra; Luis Miguel, Cangalaya Sevillano; Zoran Evaristo, Herrera Mejía; Raúl Eduardo, Cabrejos Burga (Universidad del Zulia, 2022-01-01)
      Women’s ability to influence in the business sector is characterized by organization and the decisionmaking process. This study analyzes the leadership and empowerment of women entrepreneurs from Lima Norte in Peru. The research is carried out using the quantitative approach methodology; of non-experimental design, cross section, and probabilistic sampling, in which we worked with 70 businesswomen. The survey technique and the questionnaire instrument were used, validated through expert judgment, which obtained a high level of reliability. The results achieved allow us to affirm that empowerment influences the female leadership of businesswomen from Lima Norte in Peru and the individual capacity of each woman highlights autonomy, as well as self-sufficiency that account for empowerment in order to exert influence in the process. decision making It is concluded that the leadership exercised by women has a transformative vision, by providing the ability to influence business decision-making.
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