• Desarrollo de Destinos Turísticos - TU57 201801

      Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2018-04)
      Tourist destinations are facing new challenges: fast changes in the economic, political and technological environment, considerable reduction of distances, reaction times, risks of deterioration in urban areas, growing number of competitors, more information availability for buyers, increasing dependency of own resources. Therefore, the course seeks for students to develop a tourism offer of competitive value which includes applying the marketing strategies of tourist destinations. The course will allow the student to obtain competences and knowledge about the operation and characteristics of the new tourist destinations and how to manage quality tourism spaces. They will be able to identify the key elements for the development of tourist destinations, as well as future scenarios that could be faced in the labor and tourism fields. At the professional level, the transfer of current knowledge will promote the student's understanding of the importance of having quality tourism destinations and through the constant contrast with current reality that is capable of proposing strategies for optimal management of tourism destinations, starting from real cases, as well as solutions and strategies for tourist development. Tourist Destinations Development is a Tourism and Business Administration program theoretical course, aimed at ninth-term students which seeks to develop the Written Communication and Oral Communication and Innovative Thinking Institutional Learning Outcome as well as Tourism and Business Administration Learning Outcome: Planning and control, Information management, Sustainability; and Develop strategic and operational plans in the level three. TU57 201801
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