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  • Evaluación de la morfología condilar en patrones esqueléticos clase II y clase III

    Casas Apayco, Leslie Caroll; Moreno-Sekula, Katica; Zegarra Baquerizo, Hugo (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-11-06)
    Objective: Evaluate condylar morphology in patients with skeletal pattern class II and class III. Materials and methods: CT scans of 124 patients (18 to 30 years) were evaluated. They were divided into 2 groups according to the skeletal pattern (class II and class III). Skeletal patterns were classified by measuring the ANB angle of each patient. The antero-posterior diameter of the right and left mandibular condyle was assessed from a sagittal view by locating points A and P to obtain a distance in mm. On the other hand, the coronal plane allowed to evaluate the medial-lateral diameter where the points M and L were drawn to obtain in the same way a measurement in mm. Results: Significant differences were found in the mid-lateral diameters between class III and class II.The measures were higher in those class III. For class II, the right mid-lateral diameter presents an average of 17.94 ± 2.68 and the left one of 17.67 ± 2.44, while for class III the average found for the right condyle was 19.16 ± 2.75 and the left one 19.16 ± 2.54. Conclusion: It was found that the medial-lateral diameter of patients with skeletal class III is higher than those of class II.
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