• Web semántica

      Pérez Pichis, Roy; Cueva Yerba, Zully Beatriz; Medina Bravo, Shirley Katheryn (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2015-11-01)
      The research project "Semantic Web" has the objective to propose a data storage model with parameters derived from the information in the social networks of university using the technology of the same name. If it is true, there are various storage models or ontologies related to social networks, but they lack parameters identified in a social and university context, or just contemplate one context or have parameter. So this model integrates these two previously contexts solving inadequate organization, overload and heterogeneity of information on the web. To perform this project, it is realized an exploratory research, whose aim is to discover and make an overall analysis of the Semantic Web technology and also a Ontology Development 101 methodology for the design of the main objective: the ontology. In addition, contextual parameters that support the design of the storage model in terms of the Semantic Web technology are identified and, then, benchmarking of possible semantic tools that are actually in the market is performed, which both support the model validation. The contribution of this work is the storage model called "Ontology of data from social networks university" which is based on the academic and social contexts. For these ontology, contextual parameters of location, activity, social network, relationships, events, friends, user link, album, page are defined; which then can be used in a deployment of Context Awareness to facilitate communication and information sharing between different entities or identified parameters.
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