• Evaluación de metodologías de implementación de proyectos SAP CRM para una solución de rápido despliegue en una empresa peruana

      Grados, Ronald; Acevedo Mórtola, Miguel Alberto; Ríos Chacón, Renzo Francisco (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-01-20)
      In this project, it is investigated in detail both the ASAP (Accelerated SAP) methodology as the Rapid Deployment Solutions SAP methodology for implementing SAP solutions in peruvian companies. Such research is vital for the development of our project, because from it begins to form a knowledge base which allows us to analyze the structure of each of the methods mentioned. But for this, it has identified as its main objective to design two proposals for a SAP CRM implementation project for a retail company, these proposals are regulated in the RDS and SAP ASAP methodology, both based on best practices. The main purpose of these proposals is that the company can demonstrate Topitop what are the benefits that presents a methodology of implementation over another. Finally the proposals developed serves to create a comparative framework between the methodologies that have been evaluated, with the main items as follows: the time demands of implementation, the cost has to be invested for the new CRM solution, the scope Project and the modules involved in it.
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