• Solucion web del contenido de los programas de asignatura y planes de estudios

      Villalta Riega, Rosario del Pilar; Lira Quispe, Julio Cesar; Salcedo Ortiz, Marloon Andres (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01-01)
      This project is a need for the Heads of Programme of the European University; so, that existing errors are detected in the information provided on the website, in an automated fashion for the various curricula of the degree courses offered by the Polytechnic School to the public. Heads of Programme (HP), they deal with verifying and checking that the information provided by the Web site is consistent and accurate for the user, informing Information Technologies detected errors and the necessary updates. The importance of this project is the transformation of data to information showing the maximum number of errors, providing our users reliable and available on products, information plans and programs. The main objective is to develop a software product that identifies incidents of automated information website about the products offered by the European University Students Grade. The results obtained with the developed software is the reduction in review time, human error at the time of the review and human resources for the review (hours per person). Also, the information generated serves as an asset for the review process and subsequent correction in the Web of the University.
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