• Diseño de una arquitectura de aplicaciones para la pequeña minería: proceso de gestión social

      Chumpitaz Avendaño, Max; Ieong Lau, Gustavo Chinman; Ttito Muriel, Ronald (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-01-20)
      The problem of social management process in the mining industry is based on lack of integrated applications and technological tools, that following the workflow process, allow manage and monitor the plans, programs, projects and social commitments; and the lack of applications to consolidate information from communities that are within the area of influence of a mining project. In this paper a solution that solves the problem of the process of social management in the mining industry arises. The aim is to identify and propose necessary applications to support the processes that make up the Social Management of the mining industry. Therefore, as a final product is presented an Application Architecture design for the process of social management, following the disciplines of Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) methodology. The implementation of application architecture allows monitoring and effective monitoring of commitments, social programs and social projects as well as providing solid and updated information of the mining project influence area for making operational and strategic decisions.
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