• Implementación de un modelo predictivo basado en data mining y soportado por sap predictive analytics en retails

      Valdivia Cárdenas, Juan Alberto; Castro Porras, Alexandra Pollette; Hernández Nunahuanca, Juan Pedro (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-09-01)
      This project’s objective is to implement data mining technology in retail companies based on SAP Predictive Analysis, focusing mainly in a process of the Business Planning’s area, this model help to reduce monetary losses in the retail company predicting sales. To project's development, we realize an investigation about the evolution of SAP Predictive Analysis, information related to the implementation and configuration of the tool and salient cases of success of its implementation around the world. After that, we analyze and understand the consolidated information to then configure and deploy the predictive model in the retail company with real information of sales, and basing in prediction algorithms that the software offer us. Also, it is performed the corresponding validations based on a number of indicators. For this project, we consider the following deliverables: A project plan, which will contain the risks, assumptions and constraints identified in the project, a final project’s memory in which we present the dashboard result of the implementation of SAP Predictive Analysis in retail companies and a research paper Finally, the above deliverables are evaluated and approved by the Project Committee, Professor Manager of IT-Pyme and Professor Client.
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