• Modelo de directrices para la auditoría de sistemas de gestión de calidad en universidades peruanas basado en la ISO 19011:2011

      García, Luis; Rodríguez Loyola, Rubén Alonso; Gavelan Zegarra, Juan Diego (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-05-01)
      The progress in the implementation of quality management systems in Peruvian universities allows the investigation and implementation of measures that facilitate the audit of the adopted management system. Thus, to perform the audit of quality management systems, there is an international standard (ISO) 19011: 2011, which provides general guidance on the audit of management systems. In its second publication in ISO 19011, it allows organizations to facilitate a single audit that allows them to streamline their processes, reduce costs, avoid duplication of efforts and avoid the rotation of personnel involved in the audit. The present project "Model of guidelines for the audit of quality management systems in Peruvian universities based on ISO 19011: 2011" has as main objective to implement a model of guidelines for the audit of quality management systems in a university Peruvian Based on ISO 19011. To carry out the adaptation of the guidelines we investigate the requirements of quality management systems, the concepts of audit within the Peruvian universities and their approach in the three points of ISO 19011 as the management an audit program, audit processes, and auditors' competencies and assessments. The project of this project is the implementation of the model of the guidelines for the audit of a quality management system adopted by the University ISO 9001 (UPC) using the model with the guidelines and certification requirements: 2015, which, Allows the ability to measure the model's adaptation to management and audit results based on quality.
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