• Implementación de un modelo de Bi basado en tecnología SAP Hana para el proceso de producción en empresas textiles

      Valdivia Cárdenas, Juan Alberto; Diaz Martínez, Kevin Alexander; De la Torre Schreiber, Jonathan Jeffrey (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01-01)
      The project's main objective is to implement a Business Intelligence model for the production process in Textile companies based on SAP HANA technology. The proposed model helps companies in the textile sector to have real-time information about the business, through reports that help the management in decision making. In the first part of the project, research and compilation of the production process in textile companies took place. For this research will take into account the critical reports for companies Textiles (production process), in addition to being carried out project planning. The project team will proceed to design a technological model that will give way to the implementation of the BI solution. For the second part of the project, the BI solution will be implemented in the production process in textile companies. The activities described above will lead to show how useful the technology in a Business Intelligence solution. For the project the following deliverables were defined a work plan (considering possible risks), a memory of the project that will have the technological model developed by the team and all the information in the investigation. Los documents will be evaluated and approved by the following authorities: Project Committee, Professor Manager, Customer and Professor of research.
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