• Portafolio de proyectos profesionales para la empresa Innova ti para el periodo 2015-2017

      Pérez Pichis, Roy; De Los Ríos Espinoza, Marcial Bernardo (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-06-01)
      This project has been developed in order to ensure alignment of projects to the strategy of the organization in one of the virtual companies that exists in the School of Systems Engineering and Computer Science which is active in innovation and technology, thus implementing a professional project portfolio necessary. Basically our project contains four chapters to develop, in the first chapter the current situation of the company is analyzed through diagnosis problems, opportunities and proposals to the solution were determined; one of the main problems is the inadequate organization of the proposals for professional projects by the company, one of the main opportunities is the use of a portfolio of projects based on research on the annual Gartner report, in which we It reflects the innovations that are occurring in recent years. One proposal is based as required by the company, which will contain the project requirements, costs devices and portfolio. Likewise, a business continuity plan and roadmap of all dependencies that exist in the projects shown. In the second chapter a literature review on the theoretical framework of research that is very important to clarify the major issues we work on the project is done. Chapter three provides us development based on the parameters that will each portfolio proposal are the general objective, specific objective and indicators of success. These will be developed for the cycles indicated in the curriculum schematic. The roadmap and continuity plan is also shown. Finally, chapter four project management is a methodical to plan and guide the processes that are used for research of this project approach is shown.
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