• Investigación de alternativas de reúso de aplicaciones para las empresas virtuales

      Díaz Amaya, Edgar David; Cabrera Ramírez, Aarón; Trinidad Concha, Eduardo Anthony (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-10-01)
      The main objective of the project is the implementation of an asset reuse management model in the virtual companies of the School of Systems and Computation Engineering (EISC). The proposed model helps IT SMEs to value the assets developed by their software factory or QA and reduce re-work in their creation, thus achieving efficient management through a catalog or repository to cover the needs of new projects oriented to software development and continuous improvement in the reuse processes. The first phase of the project consists of the analysis and research related to NTP-ISO / IEC 12207: 2006 and the IEEE 1517: 2010 standard, which allow us to have a software life cycle reference framework and the Reuse of this. The investigation of this standard corresponds mainly to the main processes of the software life cycle (5.4 Operation, 5.5 Maintenance), to its support processes (6.1 Documentation and 6.2 Configuration Management) and to its organizational processes. Also, it is oriented to investigate the documentation, functionality and components of the deployed applications and active existing in the virtual companies to evaluate the current situation of these. The second phase of the project consists of the design of the Asset Reuse Management Model based on the aforementioned ISO and standard and its implementation on the IT Expert virtual company, which is supported by technological tools that fulfill the function of repository and / or asset catalog that are aligned to the needs of the company. The validation of this model is done by indicators that reflect the result of the reuse in the company, which allows to identify the improvements in the model and its continuity.
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