• Website de proyectos profesionales para la escuela de Ingeniería de Sistemas y Computación

      Chumpitaz Avendaño, Max Raúl; Díaz León, Angelo Daniel; Zambrano Fernández, César Stuardo (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2018-01-01)
      The following project is based on the needs for searching new trends in design in order to be captured in the Information Systems, Software and Computing Sciences Engineering Academic Direction’s website. For this, the creation of the previously mentioned website is necessary in order to close three gaps that are currently present, which are; the centralization of the information of professional projects developed by students, the broadcasting of the professional projects to the community and the creation of a formal process in order to gather information. In that way, different guidelines will be based on a benchmarking that will be carried out using models from the leading universities in the world to be at the forefront of existing technologies. Along the course of the investigation for new technologies and the website development, the following deliverables will be presented: a work plan, a project report containing data compilation and analysis, and finally, a report containing the functionalities, purposes and the technology used for the website implementation. Furthermore, the risks that have been detected, their respective mitigations, and the assumptions and restrictions assumed for the project will be taken into account, all of which is detailed in the document. Finally, we must highlight the importance of creating this website, since it will not only establish internal work mechanisms, but also show the community the full potential of work, research and implementation of the students' professional projects.
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