• Diseño de un modelo tecnológico empresarial para la implementación de SAP Fiori en empresas agrícolas en el Perú

      Chumpitaz Avendano, Max; Panduro Inga, Stephany Karen (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-11-04)
      Agriculture is the basis of our nutrition, for that reason technology must support the development of applications that can promote the development of its main processes. Because of the difficulties of accessing agricultural land, it is complicated to record inventory and accounting flows in a real-time technological system. For this reason, agricultural enterprises require mobility, not only as part of their digital strategy, also a rapid deployment of new applications to meet current market demands Therefore, the present project consists of the design of an enterprise technological model for the implementation of SAP Fiori technology, which allows access from a mobile device to all the benefits of SAP ERP. The SAP Fiori application works perfectly with the full range of existing mobile devices, so only a mobile device with Internet access is required to use it. This project analyzes the implementation of the functionality of work in offline mode, because usually in the agricultural lands there is no internet coverage. In this way, you can register inventory movements or make purchase and sale approvals without access to the internet and then, when you have access to internet, all these changes will be updated in the main back-end system.
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