• Proceso de desarrollo de software de entretenimiento

      Pérez, Roy; Espinal Anca, Evelin Lisset; Huisa Martínez, Flor de María (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-04-01)
      The entertainment software industry is the technology industry with the greatest potential growth. It is estimated that this market will grow at an annual rate between 6.7% and 10.5%. For this reason, it is estimated that the number of active players worldwide will grow by 5.9%. Currently, the entertainment software has become important in everyday life as it is not limited to the area of games and fun, but covers fields of study, commercial, training, etc. This allows people to interact with complex processes or perceived in the real world in a friendly and easy to understand by the animated representations activities. However, it seems there are many problems at development that generate losses due to weak estimation of time and resources because the SWE development does not meet customer expectations. In this sense, the goal of this project is to propose a guide of good practices for the development of a SWE considering the competency areas defined by the IGDA (International Association of Developers of video games) and the stages of development. To achieve the purpose above, some steps will be followed. First, it will describe in detail the area of competence defined by the IGDA (International Game Developers Association), then, the detailed description of the stages of development of SWE. For each area and phase, the tasks, terms and artifacts will be defined. Subsequently, the assets that exist at every intersection between the areas and stages are identified. For each intersection identified, the inputs, outputs, tools, techniques and devices will be analyzed; to get a good practice guide for the development process of a SWE. For the development of tools, and devices, the 3E (Electronic Entertainment Expo), CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and GDC (Game Developers Conference) will be used as reference events. Using this guide, a case study of a serious game will be documented. Finally, an analysis will be performed considering the fields of study in the areas of competence of the IGDA and what colleges are currently providing.
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