• Modelo tecnológico de procesos financieros para el control presupuestario de pymes basado en BPM y Cloud computing

      Chumpitaz Avendaño, Max; Delgado Paz, Renzo Martin Alejandro; Alvaro Adolfo Salazar Gonzáles (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      In the year 2015, 80% of Peruvian SMEs become bankrupt before having completed five years of their operations. This generally happened because of the lack of planning of these businesses. Many of them were born on the basis of improvisation and made misuse of their loans, and as a result, they failed to maintain stability in the medium term and failed. This situation is painful for a country in which SMEs represents the 98.5% of companies, therefore adding up a negative indicator of development. This is the reflection of a country that has difficulty making progress if it does not take steps to improve the situation of this type of companies. The lack of planning of the SMEs operations is due to the absence of automated tools that allow the owner to have visibility on his business to make decisions that transform in a positive way the future of his company. These automated tools refer to solutions oriented to information technologies. The high technological dependence on emerging companies, like SMEs, makes it indispensable to have solutions that provide sustainable improvements for business development. Solutions such as the automation of key business processes to start operations; as is accounting, costs and budgets for budget control. According to the purchasing power of a SME, it must deploy the solution in a service in the cloud that reduces costs and that in addition to be scalable over time. In this way the SMEs will be able to visualize in real time and from the aspect of management, the health of their business and thus take action to be more profitable. The thesis project proposes a solution to this problem, which is the elaboration of a technological model of financial processes for the budgetary control of SMEs based on BPM and Cloud Computing. The project consists of ordering the processes related to your financial operations of a particular SME, proposing business and process controls, then adapting a BPM tool and, finally, deploying the tool in a Cloud Computing environment.
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