• Implementación de un sistema web business intelligence para la gestión de indicadores en la empresa Crea+ a través de la plataforma Pentaho

      Uruena Escobar, Marcela; Urueña Escobar, Marcela; Urueña Escobar, Marcela; Rosales Barreto, Ciro; Cruz Palacios, Jessy (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)PE, 2015-01-06)
      The present project "Web System for decision-making of Crea+" is developed in the course "Taller de Proyecto 1 y 2" and is in charge of the virtual enterprise ITExpert (Virtual Enterprise specializing in analysis, design and implementation of innovative solutions and services in technology information) belonging to the UPC (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas). In recent decades the information management in companies has taken a high-level importance. This is because the transformation of data into information can be a critical difference between the survival of the company or decommissioning. This report will analyze and model the process "Indicator Management" of the organization nonprofit Crea+ focusing on the different component activities and aligning the current work that the organization performed in order to implement a web information system that helps decision making. The Management information systems allow data collection of the activities in the organization in order to analyze and obtaining valuable information. This information will support the decisions made by executives which will affect positively or negatively to organizational development. Also, because of the importance of these decisions the information systems have evolved and improved the way to organize and present data for easy analysis. One of the tools used for decision-making is the Balanced Scorecard becouse the complexity when handling large amounts of information generates the need to know what happens in the organization. In this sense, the organization Crea+ has seen the need to organize their information in one of these management information systems for which has been seen as a better alternative to implement a Business Intelligence web system. In this way each member of the relevant area of the organization can access to the information contained in the web system and view the status of the company based on the data collected so they can generate reports for senior executives of the organization Crea+.
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