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  • Cómo afecta la corrupción en el valor de las empresas

    Remazzano, Andrés; Arone Gutierrez, Kuenne Betsabe; Jáuregui Medina, María del Pilar; Merino Torres, Xiomara Luz (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11)
    Corruption is an unethical and illegal act, it is an abuse carried out by a person with decisive power in a public or private sector, which seeks to have some degree of influence in the decision making of the business to benefit himself or herself. There are various types of corruption, causes and consequences that affect the economy of a country, business in progress and investment projects. Valuation of investment projects is based on finding the NPV and the analysis of projections of future cash flows, discounted at an appropriate rate, which has two basic components: the risk-free rate (Rf) that Takes into account the value of money over time and a risk premium that compensates for the additional risk of the investment. A key factor that is within the risk premium is the corruption factor, to determine if this factor has a preponderance in the project evaluation, it analyzes several cases in the same industry, raising the risk premium, and keeping other factors constant, In this way we obtain the variation of the NAV with respect to the risk premium.
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