• Development of supply chain quality management in peruvian blueberry companies: A case study in Cañete, Peru

      Ramos, Edgar; Yanayaco, Jean Pierre; Hinostroza, Tamy; Mesia, Ron (ExcelingTech, 2019-01-01)
      The keen research objective is to develop a quality system in the Supply Chain Management geared to the agribusiness sector. The Supply Chain Quality Management (SCQM) proposed for blueberry companies must improve their operational performance. This study includes micro and small agricultural enterprises located in the Cañete region of Peru, where thanks to the interviews and questionnaires were possible to determine the critical practices, which will be applied in the agribusiness sector. The literature review found to enrich the methodical procedures that are essential practices of the innovative SCQM model. The research shows that the critical practices to develop quality management in this sector are Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Process Management, and Human Resources Management. This research turns out to be utterly innovative because the use of the recently proposed technique of Quality Management into the Supply Chain combined with the best practices will lead to operational improvement andother qualitative advantages.Finally, the knowledge embedded in SCQM applied to small blueberry companies in an emerging country can provide added value to management to increase the competitiveness of the agribusiness sector.
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