• The impact of asparagus supply chain quality management: An empirical research from Peru

      Ramos, Edgar; Provost, Kelsey; Calle, Stephanie; Zavala, Kevin (ExcelingTech, 2020-01-01)
      This research analyzes the Peruvian organic production coffee industry, the relationship between Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Supply Chain Integration (SCI) concerning the performance of the Cooperatives and the Coffee Associations in Junin Region of Peru. It also analyzes the current scenario of the Coffee Sector and the participation of the Supply Chain (SC) in the processing and distribution of Organic Coffee in Junin, Peru. A diagnosis was made to the certified organizations from the market. The diagnosis and the surveys indicated that they do not have a correct flow of information, shared goals and objectives, strategic decisions, and sourcing materials among the different parties demonstrating the lack of interrelationship among the members. The final objective of this research is to improve the competitiveness of these organizations through the increase in the performance of the SC, for which a model of supply chain integration is proposed.
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