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  • Blueberry supply chain in Peru: Planning, integration and execution

    Ramos, E; Espichan, K; Rodriguez, K; Lo, W; Wu, Z; (ExcelingTech, 2018)
    The Blueberry situation in Peru is in a stage of development, in which it is necessary to incorporate good management practices as well as productive to raise the competitiveness of the enterprises. The findings were synthesized and analyzed, to propose improvements and to support the growth of the small companies in the long term. The improvement proposal is based on the best practices and supply chain models applied in the industry. Also, the research was based on sources of information from researchers with experience in evaluating and analyzing the supply chain of the perishable sector in different scenarios worldwide.
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  • Waste optimization model based on Lean Manufacturing to increase productivity in micro- and small-medium enterprises of the textile sector

    Bellido, Yamil; La Rosa, Andrea; Torres, Carlos; Quispe, Grimaldo; Raymundo, Carlos; (International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, IIIS, 2018)
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  • Adsorption of N,N-dimethylamine from aqueous solutions by a metal organic framework, MOF – 235

    Beltrán-Suito, Rodrigo; Pinedo-Flores, Angela; Bravo-Hualpa, Fabiola; Ramos-Muñoz, Jorge; Sun-Kou, María del Rosario; (Taylor and Francis Inc., 2018)
    Water-resistant MOF-235 was used to adsorb N,N-dimethylamine (DMA) from aqueous solutions. It was synthesized from terephthalic acid and FeCl3.6H2O under air-free conditions and characterized by its crystalline structure, functional groups and temperature resistance. The kinetic data results were best adjusted to the pseudo-second order model (R2>0.963). The best-fit isotherm, Langmuir model, suggested the adsorption of DMA is localized on homogenously distributed active sites on the surface. This fit was confirmed by the value of β = 1 on the Redlich-Peterson model. Our study suggests that the manipulation of novel materials such as MOF-235 promises new avenues for water treatment solutions. Schematic structure of MOF-235 and its application as adsorbent.
  • A hybrid energy system based on renewable energy for the electrification of low-income rural communities

    Gaslac, Lucero; Willis, Sebastian; Quispe, Grimaldo; Raymundo, Carlos; (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2018-07)
    Electrification of low-income rural areas that have a limited connection or no access to electrical grids is one of the most demanding challenges in developing countries such as Peru. The international commitment to stop global warming and the reduction in the cost of renewable sources of energy have reduced the prices of fossil fuels in some cases. This has opened the way to the current research which proposes a hybrid energy system (HES) based on the use of renewable sources of energy. Therefore, a renewable electricity system (HRES) was set up at the village of Monte-Catache in the Cajamarca region, which is one of the poorest areas of Peru. Surveys and field studies were used to evaluate the socioeconomic characteristics, availability of renewable energy resources, and energy demand of this region. Potential energy sources were evaluated, and isolated photovoltaic systems with a battery bank were found to be the most appropriate according to the results obtained in the simulation with HOMER. This proposal constitutes an interesting contribution for future energy solutions in isolated and low-income rural areas.
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  • Application of Lean Techniques to Reduce Preparation Times: Case Study of a Peruvian Plastic Company

    Silva Reyes, Alfredo Jeampiere; Salas Castro, Rosa Fernanda (Research India Publications, 2017-11)
    This article examines the problem of an increase in product returns for a company that produces plastic films for flexible packaging. Among the factors that have resulted in the increase of returned products are defects in the films caused by the poor manipulation of materials and, above all, the hard point in the coils caused by excessive extruder preparation time, causing the extrusion head to overheat as well as uneven extrusion. Extrusion is a key process in the production of plastic materials as it transforms polypropylene and additives into plastic sheets. The delay in the preparation time caused by machine operators leads to the overheating of the extrusion head and, therefore, defective products that are ultimately returned to the company by customers. In order to confront this problem, a proposal was developed using the SMED tool of Lean Manufacturing in order to reduce the preparation time of the extruder and to increase the productivity of the company. For the validation of the proposal, we simulated the system to determine the resulting reduction in extruder preparation time.
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  • Organic Coffee Supply Chain Management in the San Martin Region of Peru

    Ramos Palomino, Edgar David; Hilario Meza, Slee; Robles Montes, Diego; Sotelo Raffo, Fernando; Wei Shuo, Lo (International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, 2017-02)
    The paper is to explore a model of supply chain management organic coffee in San Martin Region, which was by a long-term research project for organic coffee supply chain management in Peru. The investigation was consolidated with items of researchers who have experiences in the evaluation and analysis of the supply chain of agricultural products worldwide; on the other hand, it is also taken into account the risks affecting the development and fluency through whole supply chain. The contributions here is proposed model of supply chain management organic coffee is suitable for exploring external and internal problems encountered decrease the efficiency of the supply chain. The model is important to analyze and require observations of specialists to collaborate to perform basic modeling that can help solve the problems that improving processes and organizations in the coffee farmers’ cooperatives in the domestic and foreign market, and achieve recognition for their quality and sustainability in Peru.
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