• Análisis del impacto de Facebook como parte de una estrategia de marketing digital para aumentar las ventas de una empresa inmobiliaria en el perú, en el siglo XXI

      Azabache Morán Carlos; Del Valle Roeder, Maria Fe; Guillén Huamancaja, Luis Rafael; Muroya Lei, Melanie; Quino Sullca, Sandra Lucía (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01-31)
      Real Estate in Peru today is facing a new and growing target audience made up mainly of young people who do not have a family load, who quickly access mortgage loans and who buy their first home to become independent. Faced with this new panorama, real estate have been forced to look at this new public named millenials, and adapt to their lifestyle. Millenials are a generation of digital natives, who spend a lot of time on social networks. Therefore, consider it important to analyze the sales impact that the Facebook tool can generate as part of a digital marketing strategy. For this investigation, specialized bibliography was reviewed and work was done on the data provided by the company “Líder Grupo Constructor”. It was verified that although there is not a direct increase between the sales realized through the use of Facebook, according to the sample results of the research exposed, the increase of visits to the sales rooms is higher and has a lower cost. Also, it was found that only the use of Facebook paid as digital marketing strategy, will not generate a higher proportion of sale. It must be combined with other types of communication. Therefore, we propose that depending on the target audience to which each project is addressed, the amount of investment to be incurred in using Facebook within the strategy established in the marketing mix must be decided without jeopardizing the total budget.
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    • El comportamiento del consumidor de la generación z respecto al proceso de compra tradicional y su relación con las marcas en los medios digitales

      Falla, Vania; Aybar Lindley, Lissette; Colchado Pisconti, Diego; Chávez Aguilar, Fiorella; Gonzales Benavides, Silvia; Obando Ponce, Omar (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01-31)
      The present investigation raises the need to identify the changes that might or not be given in the process of traditional purchase opposite to the new generations that are about to come, this is stimulated principally for the behavior of the Generation Z. For it, this document is based in the nearby investigation of the target concerning about his behavior in order to know how they choose and buy different brands and in what way they will be able to be fidelize through companies that applies marketing 3.0, which is discussed in the theoretical framework in the chapter 1. The chapter 2 contains the objectives and the main hypothesis of the investigation, which is: The Generation Z consumer is considered as a digital native and maintains a direct contact with the technology, which plays an important role in its day a day. That is why it is possible that the behavior of Generation Z, as consumers, influence the transition from the traditional buying process to one more online. The methodology used for the present investigation, which is in the chapter 3, shows two complementary parts; the qualitative exploratory, which include two depth interviews to experts in topics of digital marketing and consumer behavior which were taken as a base for the accomplishment of two focus group that were performed as a consequence of that first investigation. The first focus was aimed at young people aged 13 to 19 years and the second, to parents of this generation. Finally, a conclusive quantitative investigation was carried out, covering 384 face-to-face surveys. This new segment is a digital native and generator of new content, and also shows new patterns of behavior that differentiate it from the ancestral generations, therefore, analyzing and studying these behavioral characteristics is fundamental to evaluate if the buying process could undergo changes in the not too distant future. This would impact in the retail sector, as the behavior of this new generation would impact other items such as educational, psychological, labor, etc, discussed in the chapter 4. As a result of the research the most relevant characteristics of Generation Z consumer behavior are identified, which allows to know their preferences in relation to how they consume different brands. Finally, as a result of the analysis, presented in the chapter 5, we present the findings and recommendations regarding the possible change in the traditional purchasing process driven by the behavior of this new generation.
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    • Crowdfunding como medio alternativo de financiamiento y su viabilidad aplicando el marketing digital en la región de Lima Metropolitana

      Azabache Morán Carlos; Arteaga Zubiate, Adriana Milagros; Chamorro Agüero Maryori Mireylla; León Hoyos, Roselyn Clarivel; Michilot Yalán, Luis Gonzalo; Paucar Rupay, Magaly Elisa (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-12)
      El presente trabajo tiene como finalidad demostrar la viabilidad del Crowdfunding por medio del Marketing Digital en Lima Metropolitana, específicamente en los micros y pequeños empresarios emprendedores y/o en etapa temprana de emprendimiento y su relación problemática y onerosa con el sistema financiero, por carecer de historial crediticio. Para ello se han realizado entrevistas con especialistas del Marketing Digital y con micro y pequeños empresarios de los diversos distritos de Lima Metropolitana, para luego desarrollar una encuesta aplicada a 384 MYPES de manera aleatoria, sobre sus percepciones y opiniones sobre Marketing Digital y el conocimiento del Crowdfunding. Finalmente se concluye que en Lima Metropolitana la viabilidad del Crowdfunding por medio del Marketing Digital se daría en situaciones donde las personas tengan la disposición de financiar proyectos, aportar dinero, cuenten con conocimiento de Crowdfunding y hayan tenido participación en financiamientos colectivos; así como aquellos que tienen una opinión negativa de las tasas de interés del sistema financiero. Asimismo, la factibilidad del uso del Marketing Digital en las mypes está dada por el tiempo de navegación y el conocimiento a profundidad de las herramientas de Facebook.
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    • Diario perú 21: análisis de la elasticidad de la demanda y la factibilidad de aplicar políticas de precios para mejorar su participación de mercado en la ciudad de Lima del 2008-2015

      Remezzano Bongiovani, Andrés; Alvines Chumpitaz, Stephanie Lisseth; Ango Bedriñana, Marjory Flora; Antonio Pecho, Nancylina del Pilar (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-12)
      The purpose of this research is to determine if it is feasible to use price policies based on the type of price elasticity of demand of Peru.21 for the period 2008-2015. Likewise, it seeks to demonstrate the existence of exogenous variables that may Affect the price and therefore the volume of sales of the newspaper under study. In addition, it reveals how the growth of internet access in the Peruvian market can affect the circulation of the newspaper Peru.21. In order to identify the relationship between daily circulation and price, the main theories that explain price elasticity are analyzed, revealing to what extent the variation of the price of a product can affect the amount demanded, as well Provides information on the market of the written press in Peru and how it has reacted to the rise of the internet. Then, the linear regression model is designed in order to explain the behavior of the dependent variable also called endogenous variable that is the circulation of the daily Peru.21 in function of the exogenous variables or denominated independent or explanatory as they are the annual historical price of the Newspaper Peru 21, advertising investment in the newspaper, advertising investment on the internet and internet access nationwide. In other words, the multiple linear regression model is performed in order to understand which variables are the most relevant and how they influence to a great extent the demand equation. Finally, some recommendations are considered to improve the marketing of the daily newspaper Peru.21 within the Peruvian newspaper market, which is constantly changing due to the rapid advance of technology in the media, with high expectations of growth in the market. City of Lima and inside of the country.
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    • Investigación de la viabilidad del uso de billetera móvil como medio para realizar transacciones con dinero electrónico en San Juan de Lurigancho

      Azabache Morán Carlos; Florez Luque, Laurita; Medel Del Carpio, Brenda; Samanamud Malca, Sixto; Yagui Garrido, Adan Ramiro (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01)
      The present work of professional sufficiency examines the potential market of users of the mobile wallet, specifically in the most populous district of Metropolitan Lima, whose characteristics could have greater incidence in the use of this innovative tool. The main objective of the study is to evaluate the degree of resolution that the market can have in the use of the mobile wallet in addition to identifying critical factors of success and failure that may have the project, as well as the actions necessary for the viability of the same to last in the medium and long term. The methodology used to obtain the necessary data in the evaluation of the feasibility of the project consisted of both in-depth interviews with experts and surveys of the target public based on a sample of 400 people. The interviews served to understand the dynamic environment of electronic money platforms, in addition to the strategies used by banks and the private sector to encourage the use of them. Surveys examined the behavior of potential users and their critique of the use of the mobile wallet. In this way, you can determine if the hypothesis is correct.
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    • Variables monetarias en la fuerza de ventas y su importancia para las ventas de la empresa Grupo Forte S.A.C.

      Azabache Morán Carlos; Virreyra, Alvaro; Pacheco, Manuel; Ninacondor, Elizabeth; Cornejo, Gustavo; Moscoso, Alonso (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01-31)
      The purpose of our research is to analyze the monetary variables that directly influence sales, which are quotas, commissions and bonuses. Also, what we seek is to find which of these variables influence in greater proportion to the increase of the sales in order to be able to determine strategies of greater relevance and to discard the use of those that support a variable of less impact in the company Forte. The data that we will use for the development of our research will basically be secondary information acquired from the company Grupo Forte SA C where the sales from 2013 to 2015 (monthly ranges) will be analyzed along with the quotas, bonuses and commissions received for each period. As for the method that will be used to identify the variable that most influences will be the multiple linear regression model where we can find the analysis of multicolinealidad, this will serve to be able to determine if there is correlation between any of the variables or combination of variables with respect to The dependent variable that sales are. The multiple linear regression analysis will test which combination of independent variables have the greatest impact on sales respectively. Finally, the results of the statistical tests indicate that the most relevant variables are the quotas and commissions for the increase of the sales in Forte, so that a correct method in the fixation of quota and a clear strategy of payment of commissions will increase Income in Forte. Key words: Quota, bonuses, commissions, sales, analysis, linear regression
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