• Importancia de los actores clave para desarrollar una startup en Perú

      Pardo, Jontxu; Gamboa Izaguirre, Melly Arabella; Guerra Vásquez, Oriele Alessandra; Utrilla Cuzcano, Pablo Harold (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01)
      The present work seeks to evidence that the actors that exist around the startups drive their development, offering tools for the adequate gestation and maturation. For this purpose, we will analyze the actors identified as main in the Peruvian entrepreneurial process as main in the Peruvian entrepreneur process: policies and regulations, the education system, the CTI platform, financing and entrepreneurial human capital. The academic and practical approach to startups in Peru is relatively new compared to other countries in the region and the world. Nevertheless, given the global and technological trend there is a significant increase in the appearance and development of this business alternative, which responds to a growing request, which is why it is important. This new business model, starting with the human entrepreneurial capital, which is the most important axis for the development of new startups, for the innovation and technical work that it brings Meeting the demands of the market. Other important factors in the ecosystem of education and government, where the measures adopted for the formalization and development of these enterprises are in an initial phase, but with a view to a growth, forming part of the productive development plan by 2021. In terms of financing, there is a special interest in universities to strengthen initiatives, through their incubators and accelerators, in their institutional recognition, benefiting the university entrepreneur and forming the bases in entrepreneurship education.
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