• Análisis para la inversión extranjera directa de la empresa Cementos Yura S.A. en Santa Cruz, Bolivia

      Cerna, Delia; Alvarez Mateos, Jhoselin Marisol; Ramírez Vergara, Claudia Alejandra; Sigüenza Villanueva, Mayra Raquel (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01)
      The main objective of this project is to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing a commercial office of Cementos Yura S.A. in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in order to increase market share in the construction sector. This in order to propose the best guidelines for the opening of the commercial office. Likewise, it will seek to generate openness to new markets within Bolivia and bordering countries with it. To provide a first approximation of this work, the first chapter will detail the theoretical framework, on which the present research work is based. Therefore, the first section will be made up of management theories and the basic concepts related to the manufacturing sector, Foreign Direct Investment and International Policy. In the second chapter, the research plan will be detailed in this project. Therefore, the company, problem, hypothesis and objectives that are sought to comply with the present research work will be made known in detail. Following the design of the present investigation, the third chapter is directed to the methodology that will be used in the present work. In this way, we will detail the types of research that will be performed and the information collected according to the qualitative and quantitative analysis. Once the research plan and the methodology of the present investigation are detailed, the fourth chapter will be directed to the development and application based on the theories chosen and detailed in the first chapter. In the fifth chapter, the relevant analysis will be carried out, which will allow the presentation of the guidelines and strategic points for the opening of the commercial office. Finally, the conclusions and recommendations for the implementation of the commercial office will be presented. This will aim to increase the participation of the company Cementos Yura S.A. In the Bolivian market.
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