• Propuesta de modelo de gestión corporativa para una empresa familiar del sector transporte público en Lima

      Huaman, Laura; Awa Avendaño, Jhonatan Martin; Malla Castro, Melissa Jenny (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11)
      The research is oriented to the approach of a company of corporate management for familiar companies of the sector of transport, since to analyze this sector was found the necessity of the companies for the posing strategies that help them to be sustained in the time, because their operations do not perform efficiently and therefore do not allow them to grow in the market. Throughout this research was taken as reference to several authors in administrative subjects that allow to develop the theoretical framework, which serves as a basis to propose the proposal of corporate management model for a family business in business of public transportation in Lima. In addition, as part of the analysis of the sector, studies and informative data were consulted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the sector regulator, to have an accurate view of the area, as well as to observe the situation of public transport in the city and how they operate now. As for the company, the research group had contact with the general manager of San Antonio Company., which meets the fundamental characteristics for the development of the work. Finally, the project concludes that the company needs to carry out a proper corporate management, so it could take into account the proposed proposal with the aim of being able to be sustained over time and differentiate itself from the competition.
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