• Implementación de un área logística internacional en tinfluba sac para la optimización de procesos

      Cerna, Delia; López Acuña, Ely Milagros Leita; Ochoa Ravelo, Glenda; Toranzo Arancibia, Silvana Milagros (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01)
      This research has it approach on the implementation of an international logistics area in Tintas Fluidas Barnices SAC for the processes optimization. The company lacks of an organizational structure of the logistics area that allows the control and information flow in the supply chain with the final purpose of being more competitive in the international market. The first chapter refers to the research theoretical framework which details the changes occurred over the years in international logistics and how it currently has a positive impact on companies in the sector. In the second chapter, the main problem, the general hypothesis and the objectives to be fulfilled are explained. Likewise, in the third and fourth chapter, the research method for the extraction of relevant information in the organization is specified and a qualitative logistic survey and a quantitative labor climate survey are developed for the workers. The fifth and sixth chapters analyze the results obtained and provide conclusions and recommendations, in order to be applied in TINFLUBA SAC. Finally, implementing a logistics area generates positive results such as cost reduction and efficiency in logistics processes.
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