• Estudio cuantitativo del impacto de las capacitaciones organizacionales en la productividad y la retención del personal basado en el servicio de Effectus Fischman Consultores en un banco peruano de microfinanzas en el año 2016 Lima - Perú

      Arrieta, María Del Carmen; Bado Botton, Nerva Ornella; Cuadros Sun, Hjilary; Del Solar Köhler, Sebastian (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11)
      Staff training is a key factor for the organizations’s development; despite its importance and impact on business results, this is rarely done strategically and much less is measured in depth. Also, it is known that the worker's performance is related to the skills that they have, for that reason the importance of developing and reinforcing them. In addition, increasing competition in the market requires companies to have trained personnel, who could respond to the changing environment and help generate competitive advantages. For this reason, the present document is based on a quantitative study carried out for Effectus Fischman Consultores, a human resources consulting firm, that dictated a program of "Leadership 360º" in 2016 to a company of the Peruvian financial sector; in which the impact of organizational training on worker satisfaction, productivity and staff retention was determined through a satisfaction survey of the participants, an analysis of the initial and final comparison of a 360º leadership assessment conducted at those trained in soft skills and a review of the impact on staff turnover indicators, respectively. In other words, a quantitative analysis was conducted in a comprehensive and detailed way to determine the impact of organizational training on productivity and retention of staff based on the Effectus Fischman Consultores service in a Peruvian microfinance bank in 2016 in Lima - Peru.
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