• La comunicación efectiva del gobierno corporativo y su rol como generador de |valor en la empresa: un estudio para Aeropuertos Andinos del Perú S.A. años 2011 – 2015

      Trujillo, Ricardo; Baca Quispe, Katherine Yasmin; Cachuan Torres, Yashira; Cruz Huaman, Julia (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11)
      Corporate Governance consists in the way that an organization is ruled or managed, and its objective is to generate value to its shareholders and investors, so for all its stakeholders as well. A suitable model is reached when it exists a balance between the direction of the Enterprise and the good performance of it (Confecámaras, 2016). The concept of corporate governance is broad, so our study case focuses in two areas: the intern communication of it to the workers and the creation of value for the Company. Aeropuertos Andinos del Perú S.A. is a peruvian-argentinian Enterprise, which is in charge of the concession of the administration of five airports in Peru. The present investigation has as an objective to analyze the relationship between the effective communication of the Corporate Governance’s principles to the workers and its impact in the value of the organization. In order to collect the pertinent information for this study, workers were surveyed to know the perception that they have of the organizational communication, and depth interviews with Managers to understand better the current policies from a managerial point of view. Among the most striking conclusions, there is a problem of internal communication, mostly due to the physical distribution of the enterprise in six different provinces. Likewise, it was verified that the company’s value depends on the effective communication of the principles of Corporate Governance to its employees, as it aligns the objectives and strengthens the compromise with the company.
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