• Análisis de los factores que influyen en el nivel de satisfacción de los compradores de linio en América Latina

      Linares, Nancy; Morán Marchan, Elizabeth; Cabrera Galarza, Zoila Yulissa (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-02-06)
      This work of investigation announces the origin and strategies applied in the electronic commerce, for this, we will analyze the company Linio and their operations in three countries: Mexico, Chile and Peru, basing on the level of satisfaction of the buyers online. In the first part of this investigation, we will be able to find relevant information about the electronic commerce: origin, evolution and current context. This is indispensable to contextualize the reader on the topic that we are developing. In addition, we will be able to know Linio's history from his foundation up to the current situation of the company in three countries of study: Mexico, Chile and Peru. In the development of this investigation we will know the factors that influence positively and negatively the level of satisfaction of the buyers online. For it, we will show the strategic alliances that Linio supports with the logistic operators in the three mentioned countries in study. In addition, we will verify the influence of the payment methods in the decision of purchase. Additional, we will know the omnichannel strategy that Linio has developed to offer an attention of excellence to the buyers online, this is important, since it will allow us to know the strategies of marketing that Linio has developed. The objective of this work is to identify the factors that influence the level of satisfaction and the level of purchase of the consumers online in Linio, Latin America. In addition, we offer relevant information about the current situation of the electronic commerce in Latin America in order that experts and entrepreneurs could develop in topics of electronic commerce having as a reference the company Linio.
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