• La tendencia Born Global en América Latina: oportunidades para las MyPEs en el Perú

      Linares Arenas, Nancy Halimme; Aliaga Chirito, Bill Arthur; Cuellar Salas, Edy Fabricio; Cabrera Bazalar, Carolina (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-02-13)
      This investigation analyze the principal factors and conditions that affect the establishment of new Born Global enterprises around Latin America, with the principal objective of find fundaments that will reorient public politics and the private sector in the creation of new proposals to change the current situation of the international opportunities for the Peruvian MyPEs. Qualitative research is used in order to empirically test previous theories related to the research in order to answer the problematic analyzed. The countries of Brazil, Chile and Argentina were chosen as research models based in the criterion established by Kathleen Eisenhardt (1989), over this some references are going to be used in the analysis of each particular case. The principal factors that affect directly in the constitution of Born Global enterprises are: Entrepreneur’s culture and Government Politics and Rol in the creation and development of the entrepreneurship, this also is the key in the consolidation of Born Global in early stages. For this the principal objective of the investigation will we based in a deep analysis of the differences and similarities between Perú and the chosen countries. Finally, we will determinate the real implications of the critical factors that affect the constitution of Born Global, building a series of structural fundamentals that will guide the investigation to the objective of strength the Peruvian MyPEs with concrete recommendations.
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