• Plan de negocios para la comercialización de muebles plegables

      Castilla Rojas, Luis Felipe; Pizarro Peralta, Juan Carlos; Praeli Ballón, Florencia del Carmen; Tealdo Mercado, Susana Andrea; Uribe Castro, Maritza Lucia (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-08-10)
      The present work develops the plan to distribute folding/flexible furniture to the homes of Peru, to the families of a socio-economic level B. Based on the compiled information, the information from the statistics of population growth and the depth interviews made, we found a business opportunity focused on the necessity of optimizing the spaces of apartments, which are getting smaller every day. In this situation, our proposition is based on giving to our clients the comfort and optimization of their reduced spaces with flexible tailor-made furniture of the best quality, to tender a solution to this modern problem of smaller spaces. The operation of the business will be based on the strategic alliances established with the suppliers who will have to fulfill with all the necessary accreditations and follow the strict quality controls. The strategy we are looking forward is to win the customer loyalty by offering a personal sale and post-sale service. Giving the clients the possibility of a close contact with the process of fabrication of the product.
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