• Family Care

      Lora, Ricardo; Morello Zurita, Fiorella Melissa; Sabana, Julissa; Spadaro Duffaut, Emilio; Tassara, Giannina (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-27)
      There are a large number of people in our country between the ages of 25 and 45, hardworking workers, many of them are parents, and others have their parents, who are older adults. Over the years, responsibilities grow and time becomes an enemy, creating occasions in which it’s difficult to be present to accompany family members to activities or move them safely. That is why, with this business project, FAMILY CARe, we want to deliver the necessary support, so that the aforementioned doesn’t become a burden and we can provide the ideal solution to this problem. We don’t only visualize it as an academic subject, but as an achievable project, which we already feel identified in order to open the possibility of carrying it out. Modernity and technology will help us to bring this service to our customers in an efficient way, positioning ourselves, so we will handle these resources with a special care to always be up to and respond with truthfulness, transparency and speed to them. We will make the best use of these means to obtain the greatest benefit for our clients. In addition, with an adequate and optimal marketing strategy we will achieve our objectives, to make our service scalable and known, through strategies and means to increase our market share and position ourselves in this area, still novel by the type of service, that which is specialized.
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    • Proyecto empresarial Agro-drone

      Ramírez Bohada, Juan Carlos; Santiago Onofre, Juliane Pamela; Gómez Velarde, Luis Felipe (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-27)
      Agro-Drone, arises from the interest of the farmers to save costs and increase production in agriculture, thereby seek improvement in quality of life. However, there are ideas that thanks to the technology revolution and promoting global and national regarding the use of modern and specialized farming equipment for the development of organizations, so we took advantage of the trend in recent times: the drone´s boom. Many farmers are interested in new ways to improve the process of agricultural production through this alternative. There is a niche market potential which is being treated, however,most of the service offered existing, focuses on providing only rental drones service(usually working with large producers) not covering other needs that may pose a threat for farmer´s production and viability of the project presented here. Agro-Drone, has decided to meet the need of all our farmers, you are committed to working under the approach of Corporate Social Responsibility, as the service will offer benefit by providing free and permanent advice to farmers in charge of specialized professionals. Agro-Drone, will consist of a multidisciplinary team, which will allow us to have a support and reliability to our customers. That is why our business idea will increase over time, because of the niche market that we have found at a national level.
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