• Mimecanico

      Castilla Luis Felipe; Portocarrero Yupanqui, Rocio; Quispe Redhead, Andrea; Susaya Ormeño, Jhenmi; Villanueva Vega, Lina (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-25)
      Se centra en resolver los problemas de los usuarios de autos, que muchas veces no saben a qué talleres automotrices, de confianza y con garantía, llevar sus vehículos. Con la finalidad de atender esta necesidad, buscamos reunir mediante una plataforma virtual a los mejores talleres en Lima Metropolitana, para que los usuarios de autos particulares puedan conocer las alternativas y características resaltantes de cada taller, donde podrán asignarles calificaciones, por el buen servicio, la confianza y la especialidad en la que resalta cada taller mecánico, con un solo clic en nuestro APP “MiMecánico”.
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    • Proyecto D.A.M.C.I

      Alfaro Coronel, Lorena Veronica; Chacon Arenas, Edinson Miguel; Prialé Prialé, Ismael Camilo; Iturrizaga Vidal, Daniel Gustavo; Hoyos Romero, María Claudia; Hernández Paucar, Alicia Estefania (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-25)
      This project called D.A.M.C.I SAC is the result of the experience of 4 students of the UPC in the administrative field, is developed in the marketing and distribution of bags and backpacks to transport comfortably and safely to small breed dogs. The feasibility of the project is evaluated, the purpose is to be able to distribute in the largest number of points of sale in the geographically analyzed areas in metropolitan Lima. For the development of this project we obtained information of CPI, BCR and real statistics of social networks with information associated to our analysis. The data have contributed to our projection results which show that this product is profitable for its execution. Our product is a novel solution, personalized and of quality to be able to transport to the pets comfortably.
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    • Proyecto In House Beauty Express: servicios de belleza express, manicure, cepillado y maquillaje, con atención a empresas

      Ramirez Bohada, Juan Carlos; Espinoza Granda, César Edmundo; Aguilar Fernández Prada, Omar Reynaldo; Blas Perez, Vanessa Giuliana; López Chávez, Hernan Augusto (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-25)
      InHouse Beauty Express presents an innovative concept, pretty simple and easily understanding: the provision of Beauty services in the comfort of the working center. Actually the people’s lifestyle is so much faster and they don´t have enough time to many activities, between them, go to a professional place to make up their personal grooming, like a beauty salon or a barbershop. We know that the personal image it influences a lot on self-esteem and personal security. In fact, today is a very important aspect also influences the competitiveness. It is so InHouse Beauty Express use the new technologies, such as cellular applications, therefore the users can request a variety of express beauty services, which can be provided in the comfort of an office or working place, saving a lot of time, waiting and travelling efforts, everything with a great additional benefit: the improvement of the work environment, since the companies allow the provision of this kind of services in their facilities, demonstrate the concern by their employees, which leads to a better link with them and an improvement if their productivity. A different, attractive and convincing proposal, which at the same time is extremely profitable with high margins and indicators that shows a real and sustainable business with great possibilities of growth and development.
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