• Ellas en tacones

      Castilla Rojas, Luis Felipe; Lopez Maldonado, Pablo Alonso; Gonzales Vasquez, Jeff Alberto; Candiotti Fernandez ,Maria Zenaida; Suito Alcantara, Cesar Guillermo (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-24)
      "Ellas en tacones" is a business idea that consists of creating custom shoes for women. The main way to attract customers will be the website. ""Ellas en tacones"" offers the possibility of designing the shoes with the support of consultants, to obtain a unique and comfortable product which reflects the style and personality of the customer. ""Ellas en tacones"" is an alternative for executive women who prefer clothing and fashion accessories personalized. For this reason, our product emerges as an alternative to complete the image of Peruvian women. Market is focused on executive women between 25 and 50 years old, who belong to socioeconomic levels “A” and “B” and who live in Lima. This group of women represents 29.5% of the total amount women in Lima. ""Ellas en Tacones"" requires an initial investment of S/. 70, 136.13. At the beginning, the monthly fixed and variable expenses will represent the half of the initial investment. The projection of cost per design is S/. 200.00. And it is expected an average sale of 442 shoes per year. The return of the initial investment is estimated at 2 years. If “Ellas en tacones” meets its initial goals, the company will expand its supply to the coast of Peru, and then to the highlands and jungle.
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