• Proyecto empresarial de un festival con bandas tributo y artistas urbanos – Tributazo Fest

      Palomino Falconi, Faviola Ivette; Castilla Rojas, Luis Felipe; Santiago Marcos, Claudio Enrique; Esteves Carrasco, Virginia; Vega Alfaro, Eliana Victoria; Figueroa Cáceres, Gerardo José (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-01)
      Within the musical environment, it is common knowledge that local bands and urban art are not well known because of lack of broadcast, even though they are important trends, and they should be considered by enterprises who want to show their products in a bigger and more diverse market. Our proyect is focused in showing these bands to the audience, and combine them with urban artists to create a new environment in which people can not only find the music that they like, but explore other musical styles. According to our predictions, it is possible to get profits because there is low física, since we do not depend on a small market; we are in a bigger market who has a lot of future. To be part of this festival, which is one or a kind, it only requires a small investment of 107,236 soles from the investors, who will recover his investment in two years and five months. Tributazo fest has a team from several workfields, with a lot of experience in catering, this alongside the upcoming concerts will make this new idea a succesful one.
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