• Proyecto In House Beauty Express: servicios de belleza express, manicure, cepillado y maquillaje, con atención a empresas

      Ramirez Bohada, Juan Carlos; Espinoza Granda, César Edmundo; Aguilar Fernández Prada, Omar Reynaldo; Blas Perez, Vanessa Giuliana; López Chávez, Hernan Augusto (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-25)
      InHouse Beauty Express presents an innovative concept, pretty simple and easily understanding: the provision of Beauty services in the comfort of the working center. Actually the people’s lifestyle is so much faster and they don´t have enough time to many activities, between them, go to a professional place to make up their personal grooming, like a beauty salon or a barbershop. We know that the personal image it influences a lot on self-esteem and personal security. In fact, today is a very important aspect also influences the competitiveness. It is so InHouse Beauty Express use the new technologies, such as cellular applications, therefore the users can request a variety of express beauty services, which can be provided in the comfort of an office or working place, saving a lot of time, waiting and travelling efforts, everything with a great additional benefit: the improvement of the work environment, since the companies allow the provision of this kind of services in their facilities, demonstrate the concern by their employees, which leads to a better link with them and an improvement if their productivity. A different, attractive and convincing proposal, which at the same time is extremely profitable with high margins and indicators that shows a real and sustainable business with great possibilities of growth and development.
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