• Samka Siestario & Mindfulness

      Daneri Romero, Miguel Ángel; Baldeon Sancho, Eliana Elizabeth; Defilippi Greison, Ornella Paola Rosa; Escriba Correa, Carolina Realene; Zarate Sihuay, Denis Giovanni (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-12-16)
      Implement a business project for the creation of a company that provides corporate welfare services through rest modules inserted in companies that seek better efficiency results and retention of human talent. These rest modules fulfill the role of siestario (Nap Rooms) and include guided sessions of Mindfulness, working, mainly, on the prevention and management of work-stress that, consequently, produces low labor productivity or, what is even worse, brings consequences on the health of the employee, which could have physical and psychological affections.
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