• Análisis de la internacionalización de productos a través de la alianza directa de productores chilenos y retails extranjeras

      Chacón Resino, Ramón; Castilla Jiménez, Lisseth Shayuri; Carrión Villanueva, Paola Margarita; Huaroc Heredia, Geraldine Virginia (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-02-06)
      The work aims to analyze how two enterprises of Chilean wine use the traditional and direct distribution channel to in order to accomplish the internationalization of their products on the United State of America market. The distribution strategy of the enterprises to produce a higher profitability and what would be the most efficient and profitable type of marketing channel was discussed through a comparative table with various individual factors of both Chilean enterprises. The core of the qualitative methodology is a study of cases of two enterprises dedicated to selling wines, for the analysis of their categories and an open interview with a ProChile commercial attaché in Peru to substantiate these categories. The for the quantitative analysis focus on using the estimation of gross value added (GVA) as a generator of returns in addition to the cost of each case to study. For this estimated percentage a calculating and analysis of indicators of growth in profits, assets, distribution costs and administrative expenses as evaluation factors was made. The analysis consists on determining features, statement and nature of both enterprises as studied cases regarding the distribution channel that follows or implements each of them. In conclusion, the decision of choosing the distribution channel whereby the wines enterprise generates a greater profitability and value added considering elements, factors and type of strategy.
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