• Modos de ingreso de las Born Global Firms peruanas en el mercado internacional.

      Chacón Resino, Ramón; Auris Mendieta, Miluska Vanesa; Baldeón Eizaguirre, Maria Claudia; Madrid Laos, Verónica Isabel (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01-23)
      The present Work of Professional Sufficiency (WPS) seeks to identify the modes of entry into the international market used by the Peruvian Born Global Firms (BGF) within the agroindustrial and agricultural sector, as well as to analyze the factors that have contributed and made it difficult to internationalize. For this reason, 50 companies were identified that were able to meet the established parameters, also 4 entrepreneurs and 3 specialists were interviewed. The aim of this work is to know and study, in the first instance, the growth of Peruvian BGF in the sector mentioned and its behavior regarding sales, the common destination market among them, the type of products offered and sustainability over time. Also, regarding the interviews, the aim is to gather characteristics of the founders, internal and external factors to which they are exposed and the factors of success that have made possible their existence in the world market, as well as their sustainability. Finally, foreign trade specialists were interviewed in order to obtain a more general view of how the emergence of this type of companies in the Peruvian economy has evolved and what programs the government offers to accelerate their existence in a free market of competition. This work consists of five chapters, the first chapter is based on the presentation of theories that support the existence, characteristics and behavior of Born Global Firms as well as the most used modes entry by this type of companies. In the second chapter, the methodology to determine the limitations imposed in the development of research is presented. The third chapter presents the development that explains the dynamics of international business by the Born Global Firms in the Peruvian agroindustrial and agricultural sector. Following this, a general analysis is performed on the data collected, and finally, the conclusions and recommendations of the subject under study are presented.
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