• Estimar el poder de mercado que tiene DHL Global Forwarding Perú, usando ìndice de Lerner y cómo mejorarlo

      Remezzano, Andrés; De la Torre Cuba, Syrly Luz; Guzmán Gamarra, Patricia Carolina; Ramos Miranda, Miguel Alfonso (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-23)
      Analiza el poder de mercado que tiene DHL Global Forwarding Perú en el transporte marítimo dentro del mercado peruano, usando como herramienta principal el índice de Lerner y reforzándola con el índice de Herfindahl-Hirschman. De este modo, se demuestra, contrasta y calcula las diferencias de poder de mercado que tiene entre Colombia y China. Esto a raíz de que el transporte de carga marítimo ha entrado en crisis en los últimos años. Este mercado cada vez ha sido menos atractivo para el ingreso de nuevos competidores, debido a que existe una fuerte oferta y la caída en su demanda de espacios. Por ello, algunas empresas quebraron y otras se encuentran en investigación por posible colusión. Es así como al aplicar las herramientas mencionadas para el cálculo del poder de mercado arroja que efectivamente DHL Global Forwarding tiene un mayor poder de mercado que sus competidores en el mercado colombiano. Sin embargo, no es la misma situación que ocurre en el mercado chino debido a la alta concentración de competidores y otros factores que se analizan.
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    • Estudio de la importancia de la programación de las operaciones para la reducción de tiempo en la empresa «La Panka»

      Vera Cervantes, Augusto Martin; Abanto Pinheyros, Arantxa Ximena; Barrantes Vela, Scarlett Cecilia; Inciso Romero, Eliana María (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-23)
      Nowadays, time is an essential resource in many businesses and a proper time management will efficiently improve the overall management of a company. A proper time management is based on prioritization of activities, which reduces their time, deletes extra activities or merges them to optimize the resources of an organization. In that case, the present investigation will demonstrate the importance of the operations management in reducing customer service’s time applied to a Food and Beverage company: La Panka. This is a restaurant chain of “Pollos and Brasas” with more than six years in the peruvian market and presents an aggressive expansion plan based on the franchise model. With this model, the company seeks the best way to standardize its processes and, currently, the best way to achieve this is to implement a system application that interrelates its activities. The managers of La Panka rely on the tools developed in the research that help to optimally interconnect operations within the company and promote a better programming of their processes.
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    • Manejo de poder en el proceso de negociación. Caso de estudio: Southern Textil Network y Cotexur, alianza estratégica entre empresa y proveedor

      Mera Goméz, Teresa; Jiménez Sánchez, Johanna Elizabeth; Rigacci Zeña, Claudia Julissa; Tamata Sierra, Mirka Zaret (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-23)
      The present Work of Professional Sufficiency (TSP) corresponds to the investigation of the management of power in a negotiation between company and supplier which is developed in the Peruvian Textile sector applied to the companies STN and Cotexsur. The collection of information sources will permit to analyze the influence of good management of power in a negotiation and the valuation of strategic alliances, in order to identify the standards of good use of power, the importance of maintaining lasting relationships and linking results with the appreciation of experts in issues related to power, negotiations and management of company-supplier relationships. Companies not valuing the correct management of power with suppliers in a negotiation process lose business opportunities and beneficial results. Therefore, based on the elaboration of in-depth interviews according to the reality of the companies, it is sought to determine if the variables facilitated the establishment of a strategic alliance. The behavior of these factors will be analyzed and subsequently assessed in order to proved if they are relevant and actually promotes mutual benefits for companies. Throughout the investigation, a great deal of information will be provided on topics related to the experiences of experts in the research fields. An analysis will be carried out to determine if good management of power in a negotiation process is one of the Tools that contribute positively to the establishment of lasting relationships and in the negotiation process of a strategic alliance.
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    • Medición de la gestión ejecutiva en la creación de valor para el accionista

      Remezzano, Andrés; Pacherre Osorio, Cynthia Elizabeth; Quintana Conde, María Cristina (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-23)
      This thesis analyzes and evaluates the performance of the executive management of Lindley Corporation managers in the years 2014 and 2015. These periods are analyzed because is the first time in the company's history that the company changed from being a family company to being a company lead by a person outside the family. The first chapter shows the various theories regarding value creation and its concepts. It explains the importance of value-based management and the indicators usually used to calculate the value added, its benefits and deficiencies applied to the return for the shareholder. In the second chapter, the problem of value measurement for shareholders and the hypothesis of the thesis are established. In addition, it arises the general objective and specific objectives as well as the scope of the same ones. The following chapter details the methodology to be used to assess the value generated by each manager. In such a way, in Chapter IV, shows the results of the last year of Jhonny Lindley´s management and the first year of José Borda in the Corporation. Chapter V analyzes the main discoveries of the comparison of the two managements and evaluates the creation or destruction of value for shareholders. Finally, conclusions and recommendations are written to further enhance Lindley's Corporation performance with respect to value-added generation.
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    • Políticas para el desarrollo de una conciencia de responsabilidad social empresarial en la empresa Unimaq –Corporación Ferreycorp

      Vásquez Osorio, José Alfonso; Li Xie, Bowdi; Suárez Saldaña, Lilia Karin; Trelles Chang, Gladys Larissa (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-23)
      This paper analyzes the situation of the Social Responsibility of Unimaq Company, with the main objective of proposing a management model based on policies that strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility, as an adjunct to Unimaq 's current management system. From a qualitative perspective, information was mainly extracted through interviews with experts, using primary and secondary sources as well. The results of this study reveal that Unimaq presents some problems regarding social responsibility, such as: 1) The company does not have an area in charge of handling Social Responsibility issues; 2) The General Law of the Person with Disability is not complied with; 3) They do not have updated function manuals; 4) There is only one strategic objective linked to CSR issues; And lastly 5) The integrated policies of Industrial Safety and Environmental Care are not fully respected. Based on the problems encountered, the research supports the need for Unimaq to adopt and implement CSR policies in order to improve its corporate image, create competitiveness and reduce the impact that its actions could generate in the community and the environment. In the same manner, recommendations are aligned to the objectives of the company and in the way it creates awareness of social responsibility in all members of Unimaq.
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