• El comportamiento del consumidor británico frente a productos textiles provenientes de Perú y China

      Cáceres, Otto; Castillo Uchuya, Brenda Raquel; Trujillo Herrera, Wendy Katherine; Zapata Valle, Grecia Liliana (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01-02)
      The present investigation analyzes the trends of British consumer buying textile products made of cotton and produced in Peru and China. The queried data from various sources demonstrate that the British consumer possesses great purchasing power and is willing to pay a high price for good quality products. The project is framed in quantitative and qualitative research, fundamentally by theories of internationalization and global statistical indicators. On the basis of qualitative sources, it was determined that Peruvian companies are following the Uppsala Internationalization model and the Chinese companies the born global model. In the same way, the quantitative sources determined that Peru exports only one tariff chapter, 61 knitted garments and clothing accessories, where as China in addition to exporting the same tariff chapter, also exports the tariff chapter 62 garments and clothing accessories, except for knitted garments. China accounts for 26.71% of the total imports of the United Kingdom in tariff chapter 61, while Peru represents 0.11% of the total value imported from the same chapter. By studying these results it is evident that the Chinese textile industry has a greater presence than the Peruvian industry in the UK market. The solutions proposed, according to the analysis of this investigation, which seeks to increase the presence of the Peruvian textile industry in the UK market and that is to: encourage the Peruvian micro and small business exporters to utilize a method of internationalization of born global, to improve their supply chain to produce higher volumes which are in line with market trends, and also that the government stimulate investment programs for small and medium companies.
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