• Diseño de un modelo de líneas de espera que permita identificar el número de servidores para mejorar el tiempo de atención a los clientes de una entidad financiera

      Bouillon Sardón, Adolfo Gabriel; Aguilar Rojas, Katterine Maribel; Palomo Bazán, Norma Paola; Warthon Saravia, Katherine Andrea (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      In this project, we discuss the design of a waiting line model that allows us to identify the optimal number of servers to improve the customer service time of a bank. The hypothesis that we want to prove is if the actual model of the financial institution is appropriate for customer support or if is necessary to change it. To verify what we mentioned before, this work is divided in four chapters. The first focuses on explaining the theory of waiting line models. The second focuses on the research plan, in which we detail the problem for evaluation, the hypotheses and the objectives of this project. The third chapter details the proposed methodology in order to develop and analyze the problem in the fourth chapter. Finally, after all the analysis, we conclude that the number of servers must be increase to improve customer service time and reduce the total costs of the financial institution.
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