• Estudio del programa de capacitación del área de recursos humanos para la empresa concar S.A. del Grupo Graña y Montero

      Zilberman, Jack; Carrasco De La Cruz, Cynthia Danae; Céspedes Martínez, Susan Jimena; Valencia Mogrovejo, Gonzalo (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      This investigation is focus on the training and development area of human resources of the company Concar from the group Graña and Montero. In the last two years, in the board meetings with all of the company management it was observed that the manager indicators of human resources have not been the most favorable, they have showed high turnover rates, overdue holidays, a lot of labor lawsuits, a non-focus training on the employee’s knowledge and the lack of a human talent retention plan, among other. All of this has affected the Company annual results. Because of this issues we have as a goal to propose initiatives to improve some processes of the training and development of human resources in order to contribute to financial performance and cost savings of the Company. It will be done a prior analysis based on the strategic map and the Balance Scorecard (BSC) which represents the company’s actual situation with the aim of optimizing the processes and the learning perspective indicators through the qualitative research method. The investigation will be done using just the qualitative method since by time factors it has not been possible to carry out a quantitative research. However this method allow us to deepen on the raised issues and not to generalize the information. In addition to describing and analyzing in detail the determining issues in the applied research tools. Because of this at the end of the research a proposal for improvement is proposed instead of an implementation of a new training process. Through this method we will use only one case in order to evaluate its context and research tools as the documentary revision, in depth interview and focus group. All of this with the objective to collect the enough information to identify the opportunities to improve the areas that are involved with the company’s problem. This information will be the base to design the solution proposals and the strategies to help redefining the process of training of the human resources area creating value for the organization.
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