• Investigación sobre la relación entre liderazgo y cohesión de equipos en la empresa Pardos Chicken en el periodo julio-noviembre 2016

      Peña Cavassa, Viviana; Panduro Saavedra, Rosa Amelia; Polleri Cruz, Karla Estefanía; Sandoval Zambrano, Janira Noelia (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      The success of organizations not only depends on the fulfilment of the tasks imposed to achive the objectives, it is also influenced by the importance placed in the human factor; taking in consideration the relation between superiors and collaborators and the integration of these. For this reason, arose the interest to investigate the relation between leadership and team cohesion in the restaurants of the company “Pardos Chicken” located in Metropolitan Lima. In the investigation twelve restaurants were evaluated like sample, in which the respective leaders were calificated using as a methodology two questionnaires: 1. The Leadership style and Effectiveness questionnaire and 2. Likert Scale. The first was made in 1988 by Blanchard and Hersey, who are recognized authors to determinate if the inclination of the leaders focuses on tasks or in people and the second to measure the cohesion level in each local. Concepts like leadership, team, cohesion, team work, organizational communication, among others have been explained with the objective to relate them through the method of quantitative research, confirming an average relation between the two variables in study. The analysis of results is divided according to the research objectives; in the investigation the style with more presence is the Transformational, which is characterized by the interest that the leader has in relation to the raised objectives and the workers; likewise, it is linked with the Behavior theory in the model of managerial grid- Team Management by Blake and Mouton. Also, there was described the presence of team cohesion inside the organization from the point of view of the leaders of each local.
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