• Manejo de poder en el proceso de negociación. Caso de estudio: Southern Textil Network y Cotexur, alianza estratégica entre empresa y proveedor

      Mera Goméz, Teresa; Jiménez Sánchez, Johanna Elizabeth; Rigacci Zeña, Claudia Julissa; Tamata Sierra, Mirka Zaret (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-23)
      The present Work of Professional Sufficiency (TSP) corresponds to the investigation of the management of power in a negotiation between company and supplier which is developed in the Peruvian Textile sector applied to the companies STN and Cotexsur. The collection of information sources will permit to analyze the influence of good management of power in a negotiation and the valuation of strategic alliances, in order to identify the standards of good use of power, the importance of maintaining lasting relationships and linking results with the appreciation of experts in issues related to power, negotiations and management of company-supplier relationships. Companies not valuing the correct management of power with suppliers in a negotiation process lose business opportunities and beneficial results. Therefore, based on the elaboration of in-depth interviews according to the reality of the companies, it is sought to determine if the variables facilitated the establishment of a strategic alliance. The behavior of these factors will be analyzed and subsequently assessed in order to proved if they are relevant and actually promotes mutual benefits for companies. Throughout the investigation, a great deal of information will be provided on topics related to the experiences of experts in the research fields. An analysis will be carried out to determine if good management of power in a negotiation process is one of the Tools that contribute positively to the establishment of lasting relationships and in the negotiation process of a strategic alliance.
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