• Efecto de la actividad emprendedora y un enfoque de responsabilidad social en el desarrollo local del interior del país: casos de estudio de las empresas L.O.O.P. y Yaqua

      Villavicencio Aranibar, Jorge; Arce Zuloaga, Mario Augusto; Lobatón Ramírez, Yoseline Andrea; Riega Gutiérrez, Luis Alejandro (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      In Peru, the concept of social responsibility has been present since the 1990s. However, in recent years, companies have pushed the development of several programs to solve a social issue by using greater resources and action plans (Garavito, 2008). In this paper, the three pillars, economic, social and environmental, of corporate social responsibility, have been analyzed the impact of social entrepreneurship on society. This analysis aimed to demonstrate that the entrepreneurial activity with a focus on social responsibility of two study cases: L.O.O.P. S.A.C. and YAQUA E.I.R.L. has a positive and sustainable impact on the development of local communities. Through a qualitative research, the interviews were conducted with representatives of both companies, and the results showed that a social enterprise generates a positive impact on society. However, the contribution of these two companies to the dimensions of social responsibility varies according to their structures and business models. Furthermore, it was noted that these enterprises are sustainable over time due to the generation of profits, and exploitation of own resources that do not affect the ecosystem. Finally, it was possible to identify the key success factors of both study cases, among which the strategic alliances, management skills and experience of the founders in social enterprises stand out.
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