• Estudio cualitativo de los principales riesgos operativos de la cadena de suministros de Honda del Perú y las principales acciones para minimizar los riesgos

      Vera, Augusto; Pickmann Zapata, David José; Purizaga Delgado, Joshelyn Juanita Jesús; Reyes Mantilla, Marco Justiniano (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      The present investigation is based on a qualitative study of the main risks of the supply chain of Honda del Peru with its main dealers, as well as an analysis of the main actions taken to minimize these risks. To start the research, a general objective and six specific objectives were proposed. The overall objective was to identify the main risks of the supply chain of the company Honda del Perú and as well as the solution (s) executed to minimize these risks. Between the years 2013 - 2015 Honda of Peru went through its worst stage in financial terms, a strong problem of automobile over-stock threatened to bankrupt the whole company, however the company executed a series of actions that minimized this risk, thus ensuring it’s continuity in the market. The method used in the research plan to address the problem was qualitative. This was because we were faced with a problem that required different perspectives to reach to a specific conclusion. We decided for the in-depth interview tool aimed at experts on the subject. Within the conclusions we obtained that the identification and analysis of the main risks: regarding forecasts, inventories and capacity, were successfully countered with the main strategy of generation of shortage and supported in the celebration of a better contract with authorized dealers, by Honda del Perú.
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