• Principales factores que propician las buenas prácticas de gobierno corporativo en la gestión de una empresa de servicios. Caso Telefónica del Perú S.A.A. 2010 – 2015

      Trujillo Fajardo, Ricardo; Lazo Hurtado, Leslie; Ramón Astocóndor, Luz Fidencia; Salazar Huayna, Abel (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-12-01)
      This thesis analyzes and evaluates the main factors that favor good corporate governance practices in the management of a service company. Case of Telefónica Del Perú S.A.A. 2010 - 2015. For this study, a qualitative research was defined based on the analysis of in-depth interviews with key managers of various areas of the company, as well as a detailed evaluation of the annual reports and reports issued by Telefónica. The analysis resulted in 4 key factors that promote good corporate governance practices: Transparency, all employees of the company without distinction of charge are aware of the key decisions made by the company. Information is transmitted both horizontally and vertically; Procedures Manual, the working places have process manuals. Senior managers meet from time to time with human resources in order to prepare the profiles and manuals; Corporate Responsibility, Telefónica has one of the most important foundations in the country, Telefónica Foundation, which has volunteers that perform various activities to support the community, and, Work Climate; the company has been carrying out important programs that benefit and motivate its employees over the years. It is also part of the GPTW. It is worth mentioning that these factors have been clearly evidenced by the respondents and supported by the figures detailed in the annual reports. Also, these factors have led Telefónica to be one of the great companies of the country with good corporate governance, such that in recent years it has issued corporate governance reports and in 2015 was considered by the Lima Stock Exchange as one of the companies in the country that was part of the corporate governance index.
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